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Resin Cast Potential Transformers

These are for panel mounting application upto 11KV class manufactured with latest technologies.

Epoxy resin cast PT is manufactured in compliance with IEC, ANSI, VDE, BS standards and as per customer’s specification. Cores used in PT are of high quality cold rolled grain oriented steel which is annealed. HT and LT windings are designed as multi layer windings. The low voltage winding is wound on insulated bobbin. Conductors used for windings are made of electrical grade electrolytic copper. The conductors are insulated with high quality, synthetic resin based, insulating varnish. The whole encapsulation forms hermetically reeled system with primary and secondary terminals. PTs are available at single, double and three phase versions and they are of indoor and outdoor types.

Main Features:
  • All outside parts, such as terminal box and mounting plate, are made of corrosion proof materials.
  • Low partial discharge.
  • Matching different sizes switchgears.
  • Used in current measuring and protection, high accuracy.
  • Less maintenance and pollution free.
  • Easily operated and mounted.
  • High mechanical strength and high dielectric strength.
Technical Specifications

: 0.66kV up to 36kV : 0.1kV, 0.11kV, 0.1√3kV, : Epoxy Resin : Copper : 50Hz or 60Hz : 0.2, 0.5, 1, 6P, 3P, : Indoor or Outdoor