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Oil filled Outdoor Current Transformers

For use in outdoor installation from 11 KV to 33 KV class. Main insulation is provided by world class insulating paper, EHV Grade Oil and good MS Metal Tanks are used along with type tested porcelain. Hermetically Sealed Oil Filled Outdoor Type.

  • Single Phase Live or Dead Tank Type
  • Voltage Class: 11KV .... 245KV Class
  • Manufacturing as per IS & IEC standards.
  • Secondary Current: 1A or 5A
  • Primary Current, Accuracy Class (upto 0.2S), Burden, Short Time Current and Number of Secondary Cores as Specified.

Energy Tec manufactures current transformers (CT) in both Live Tank and Dead Tank design types. CT can be designed for Single or Multi ratio. The ratio selection can be achieved by providing two or four sections or primary for series/parallel connection, the current ratio shall be in proportion of 1:2:4. The advantage of this type of ratio is that output from each secondary remains constant for any selected ratio.

High permeability CRGO silicon steel is used as core material. Torroidal cores from continuous strips are made at our works and annealed in controlled atmosphere to achieve best quality secondary cores. Secondary winding is done automatically and distributed equally on the periphery of the core to minimize leakage reactance. Primary winding is of braided electrolytic copper conductors with double cotton covering. Varnished fiber glass sleeve is provided as an additional insulation on this conductor. High quality crepe insulating paper is used to build up main insulation of the CT.Glazed porcelain bushing with different shade profiles to suit different pollution conditions are used. These bushings are hollow cylindrical type conforming to bushings IEC 815/15 5621. Top tank (which also acts as oil expansion chamber) of the CT having current less than 1200 Amperes are made of MS sheet.