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Oil filled Potential Transformers / Voltage Transformers

For use in outdoor installations from 11KV to 33KV class. Main insulation is provided by world class insulating paper, EHV Grade Oil and good MS Metal Tanks are used along with type tested porcelain. The process control is very stringent to give the customer a trustworthy product with long life.

  • Hermetically Sealed Oil Filled Outdoor Type
  • Three Phase type up to 33KV Class, Voltage Class: 11KV / 22KV / 33KV
  • Manufacturing as per IS & IEC standards.
  • Secondary Voltage: 110V / v3 or 110V
  • Accuracy Class (upto 0.2), Burden, RVF and Number of Secondary Windings as Specified.
  • Single Phase type from 11KV to 145KV

Copper enameled wire is used for winding. Primary is wound with multilayer and graded insulation. Secondary is separately wound and inserted in the primary winding as per the requirement. Winding and tapping of PT is done in dust-free atmosphere. CRGO silicon steel is used for building up electromagnetic core.

Shell type construction is used to minimize leakage reactance. Bottom tank and oil expansion chamber are made of MS sheet. Brown/white glazed porcelain bushing with different shed profiles to suit different pollution condition is used. These bushings are hollow cylindrical type conforming to IEC 815/IS 5621. High quality electrical grade Kraft paper and crepe paper is used for insulating primary and secondary of PT.